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Punto Banco - Game Rules

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Punto Banco
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Game Rules

There are three different bets: Player, Dealer and Tie. A player can bet on any single bet or combination of bets

  • The Player bet pays even money if the player hand wins.
  • The Dealer bet pays even money less a 5% commission if the dealer hand wins.
  • The Tie bet pays 9 for 1 (8 to 1) if there is a tie

In case of a tie between the hands, the Player and Dealer bets are returned to the player.

The player and dealer are given two cards each. Then, if the player or dealer has 8 or 9, no more cards are dealt. Else if the sum of the player's hand is 5 or less, he gets a third card.

When the player is finished, it is decided whether the dealer should get a third card or not.

Sum of dealer's first two cardsDraw if the player's third card is:Do not draw if the player's third card is:
0,1,2Always draw a card
7Always stand
8,9No one draws

The winning hand is decided by summing the values of the cards of each hand and comparing.

  • 10,Jack,Queen and King has the value 0.
  • 2-9 have their normal value.
  • Ace has the value 1.

If the sum is higher than 10, 10 is subtracted. If necessary, subtract 10 until the sum is less than 10.

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